Ken Chestek at TedX Cheyenne

Thanks to Ken Chestek for breaking down the issue that affects all issues – the unfortunate fact that the Supreme Court has defined money as speech and corporations as people. Click Read More, for the link. Find his talk here.

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Albany County Meeting!

The Albany County team for Wyoming Promise, reporting for duty! This is just part of the team that will soon be taking to the streets to demand a 28th Amendment to declare that corporations are not people, and money is not speech.


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The momentum is building!

I just got back from a weekend of meeting with volunteers in Park County (Cody/Powell), Sublette County (Pinedale/Big Piney), and Sweetwater County (Rock Springs/Green River). Petitions have been delivered, along with a supply of t-shirts, literature and clipboards (see picture below). An additional meeting of volunteers is scheduled tonight for Albany County.

If you want to […]

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Wyoming Promise Laramie County Meeting

Thanks to these great Wyomingites of Laramie County rising up to organize for free and fair elections and a 28th Amendment to get corrupting and unaccountable money our of our elections! You are all heroic citizens! Join these fine volunteers by meeting up in your county too.

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People’s Town Hall in Laramie

Last Thursday, we attended the People’s Town Hall in Laramie to inform folks of our efforts and collect signatures. We are very grateful for all of those who signed our petitions, bringing us nearly 40 signatures closer to our needed 38,816!

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We have our first two signatures on our petition!

This morning, Shelby Shadwell and Ken Chestek, two of the Committee of Applicants for our petition to support Free and Fair Elections, took delivery of five boxes of official petitions. They became the first two signatures on our petition; only 38,816 left to go!

Look for our volunteers all over the state this summer as we […]

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