We’re working to get candidates and elected officials at all levels of government to say on the record that they support getting dark money out of politics. In order to ultimately succeed in the ratification of the 28th Amendment, we’re going to need the support of hundreds more elected officials, and our candidate survey is an effective tool to secure that support.

HOW IT WORKS: Anyone can ask a candidate or incumbent elected official to fill out our candidate survey (i.e. send an email with a link to our survey.) Once submitted to Wyoming Promise, we’ll keep track and report who is supporting our efforts. We’ll then work to turn those answers into action and leadership on the 28th Amendment.

This is an opportunity to educate voters on where their candidates and elected officials stand on the 28th Amendment, and turn the Amendment into an election issue. Ensuring that voters know which candidates support the 28th Amendment is an essential step to electing a Congress, state legislators, and municipal elected officials that will support this historic reform.

This is also an opportunity to educate current and future elected officials about the 28th Amendment. While many of us would agree that these issues are among the most important to the future of our democracy, many elected officials aren’t aware of Wyoming Promise or the push for a 28th Amendment. Asking candidates and elected officials to answer the survey is a great chance to offer them some background information, answer any questions they may have, and start an ongoing relationship with them.

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Our candidate survey is an effective tool for voters know to where you stand on getting dark money out of politics.
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Former Office Holders

Alan Simpson
Alan SimpsonFormer US Senator

“The Wyoming Constitution guarantees equal rights to “members of the human race.” Corporations are not people, and therefore should not have any right to spend an unlimited glut of money to influence our elections. We must get this “dark money” out of our political system by amending our Constitution to declare that corporations are not people and money is not speech. Join us – there is work to do!”

Mike Sullivan
Mike SullivanFormer Wyoming Governor

“It seems to me it is something like being in front of a stampede.  If we don’t do something about it, we individuals will have no power or voice to be heard and just get trampled.

US Senate

Dave Dodson
Dave DodsonCandidate for US Senate

“When I decided to run, people said: ‘That’ll be hard. Barrasso has a lot of money.’   No one said it would be hard because he’s done such a great job.  That must change if we are to get good people like Rod and myself to run for office.  My commitment to this is on my web site: Dave Dodson’s Plan to Put Wyoming First.”

Charlie Hardy
Charlie HardyCandidate for US Senate

“For months I have been gathering signatures for Wyoming Promise and plan to continue to do so.”

Gary Trauner
Gary TraunerCandidate for US Senate

“From the first day of my first foray into federal politics over 12 years ago, even before the Supreme Court handed down its boneheaded Citizens United decision, I’ve been a staunch opponent of corporate influence in our electoral system. Corporations have an extremely narrow focus (to which they are entitled) and can’t vote; so they shouldn’t be able to use their money to impact elections. As I said in my announcement video, “Corporate PACs are not giving politicians money for their striking good looks. They want something.” There’s no doubt this is a system of legalized bribery and influence peddling, and it has to stop.”

Anthony Van Risseghem
Anthony Van RisseghemCandidate for US Senate

“A group of people shouldn’t have additional collective rights over a single person in elections of elective officials. Corporations shouldn’t be able to promote or attack any political candidates. They should stay neutral in elections as an entities. “

US House

Travis Helm
Travis HelmCandidate for US House of Representatives

“We have a lot of issues which we must address as a country, but until we remove big money from politics any good ideas will be perverted by the undue influence of corporations and special interest groups.  I support Wyoming Promise and appreciate their efforts.”

Greg Hunter
Greg HunterCandidate for US House of Representatives

“It’s time to get big money out of politics and return power to the people!”

Rod Miller
Rod MillerCandidate for US House of Representatives

“I have proudly signed the Wyoming Promise petition and strongly support their efforts.”

Wyoming State Government

Dr. Lawrence Struempf
Dr. Lawrence StruempfCandidate for Governor

“We need a Government of the people, by the people, for the people. – Abraham Lincoln.

We need to overturn Citizens United and pass the 28th Amendment, as Corporations are not people. We need to allow people to run on their hard work and services to the people, not purchase their election with SuperPACS funds. The only way to save our country is to return our government to the people and pass the 28th Amendment.”

Mary Throne
Mary ThroneCandidate for Governor

“Corporations aren’t people and I’m excited for the day when we can finally overturn Citizens United. It’s time to get money out of politics and increase transparency for political donations.”

Wyoming State Senate

Marci Shaver
Marci ShaverCandidate for Senate District 3

“I have a petition available for signatures!”

Ray Peterson
Ray PetersonIncumbent and Candidate for Senate District 19

“Large contributions from corporations have become a real concern on the national level. In our own state of Wyoming, it has not approached the level of our national elections or elections in other states but we need to be aware of the problem and take the steps necessary to protect our election process.”

Hollis Hackman
Hollis Hackman Candidate for Senate District 21

“If you don’t support this initiative, what do you have to hide?”

Wyoming State House

Shelly Duncan
Shelly DuncanCandidate for House District 5

“I believe everyone should be accountable and we should have full transparency within our election process. The results of Citizens United being able to have the power to swing elections without the same rules as the rest of the people has created a disturbing trend that needs to stop.”

Mitch Guthrie
Mitch GuthrieCandidate for House District 8

“I believe we are at a crossroads in this country where it’s either propaganda and the person with the loudest blowhorn or something more balanced and reflective of individuals and not corporate agendas.”

Jenefer Pasqua
Jenefer PasquaCandidate for House District 10

“Citizens United has been detrimental to our political system.”

Ryan Lindsay
Ryan LindsayCandidate for House District 12

“When Election day means more than the Super Bowl, America will see the change we need.”

Lorraine Saulino-Kleine
Lorraine Saulino-KleineCandidate for House District 14

“Citizens United was a travesty for our Democracy. People first, not corporations.”

Bill Winney
Bill WinneyCandidate for House District 22

“The strength of our nation is its people, getting the system out of the way unlocks their inventiveness.”

Paul Fees
Paul FeesIncumbent and Candidate for House District 24

“Altruism is a biological trait of social organisms, including people.  Corporations, on the other hand, insist that their obligation to shareholders requires them to put profit ahead of the public good.  Does Wells Fargo have a conscience?”

Jamie Flitner
Jamie Flitner Incumbent and Candidate for House District 26

“I am in favor of overturning the decision. I will support such a resolution if introduced by others.”

Howard Samelson
Howard SamelsonCandidate for House District 28

“I will sponsor such a resolution.”

Gail Symons
Gail SymonsCandidate for House District 30

“This is not a partisan issue; big money backers along the entire political spectrum are at work. If you are not willing to have your name associated with an action, then you should not take that action. .”

Charles Pelkey
Charles PelkeyIncumbent and Candidate for House District 45

“People are people. Corporations are wealthy conglomerations of people. Those groups of people should have rights as INDIVIDUALS, but not have extra.”

Jackie Grimes
Jackie GrimesCandidate for House District 46

“I believe the government has a responsibility to represent the people as it is designed to do. I believe we have a moral and ethical obligation to ensure and protect that representation by keeping the influence of large corporate money out of politics.”

Mike Specht
Mike SpechtCandidate for House District 50

“It is time to return to the premise of one person one vote.  The poorest person has a vote the counts the same and the richest person, therefore they should have and equal voice.
As Corporations are created by government they are not a person and they should have no voice in steering the government that created them.”

Municipal Level

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