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Name Party District County Home Phone eMail Address
Ogden Driskill R S01 Crook, Campbell, Weston Devils Tower, WY (307) 680-5555 eMail
Brian Boner R S02 Converse, Platte Douglas, WY (307) 359-0707 eMail
Cheri Steinmetz R S03 Goshen, Niobrara, Weston Lingle, WY (307) 534-5342 eMail
Tara Nethercott R S04 Laramie Cheyenne, WY (307) 399-7696 eMail
Lynn Hutchings R S05 Laramie Cheyenne, WY (307) 316-0858 eMail
Anthony Bouchard R S06 Laramie, Goshen Cheyenne, WY (307) 212-6464 eMail
Stephan Pappas R S07 Laramie Cheyenne, WY (307) 630-7180 eMail
Affie Ellis R S08 Laramie Cheyenne, WY (307) 287-9095 eMail
Chris Rothfuss D S09 Albany Laramie, WY (307) 399-3556 eMail
Glenn Moniz R S10 Albany Laramie, WY (307) 760-1116 eMail
Larry Hicks R S11 Albany, Carbon, Sweetwater Baggs, WY (307) 383-7192 eMail
Liisa Anselmi-Dalton D S12 Sweetwater Rock Springs, WY (307) 389-4496 eMail
Tom James R S13 Sweetwater Rock Springs, WY (307) 350-4018 eMail
Fred Baldwin R S14 Lincoln, Sublette, Sweetwater, Uinta Kemmerer, WY (307) 877-3687 eMail
Wendy Schuler R S15 Uinta Evanston, WY (307) 789-1264 eMail
Dan Dockstader R S16 Lincoln, Sublette, Teton Afton, WY (307) 885-9705 eMail
Mike Gierau D S17 Teton Jackson, WY (307) 413-0109 eMail
Hank Coe R S18 Park Cody, WY (307) 587-4655 eMail
RJ Kost R S19 Big Horn, Park Powell, WY (307) 754-7174 eMail
Wyatt Agar R S20 Big Horn, Fremont, Hot Springs, Park, Washakie Thermopolis, WY (307) 921-8825 eMail
Bo Biteman R S21 Sheridan Ranchester, WY (307) 751-6178 eMail
Dave Kinskey R S22 Sheridan, Johnson Sheridan (307) 751-6428 eMail
Jeff Wasserburger R S23 Campbell, Converse Gillette, WY (307) 680-2943 eMail
Michael Von Flatern R S24 Campbell Gillette, WY (307) 680-4744 eMail
Cale Case R S25 Fremont Lander, WY (307) 332-7623 eMail
Eli Bebout R S26 Fremont Riverton, WY (307) 856-0375 eMail
Bill Landen R S27 Natrona Casper, WY (307) 237-4067 eMail
Jim Anderson R S28 Natrona Casper, WY (307) 267-5775 eMail
Drew Perkins R S29 Natrona Casper, WY (307) 234-1274 eMail
Charles Scott R S30 Natrona Casper, WY (307) 473-2512 eMail
Tyler Lindholm R H01 Crook, Weston Sundance, WY (307) 282-0968 eMail
Hans Hunt R H02 Niobrara, Weston, Goshen Newcastle, WY (307) 746-8899 eMail
Eric Barlow R H03 Campbell, Converse Gillette, WY (307) 682-9639 eMail
Dan Kirkbride R H04 Platte, Converse Chugwater, WY (307) 331-2265 eMail
Shelly Duncan R H05 Goshen Lingle, WY (307) 575-2894 eMail
Aaron Clausen R H06 Converse Douglas, WY (307) 351-3664 eMail
Sue Wilson R H07 Laramie Cheyenne, WY (307) 316-7497 eMail
Bob Nicholas R H08 Laramie Cheyenne, WY (307) 634-6057 eMail
Landon Brown R H09 Laramie Cheyenne, WY (307) 630-0582 eMail
John Eklund R H10 Laramie, Goshen Cheyenne, WY (307) 630-6232 eMail
Jared Olsen R H11 Laramie Cheyenne, WY (307) 509-0242 eMail
Clarence Styvar R H12 Laramie Cheyenne, WY (307) 631-2566 eMail
Cathy Connolly D H13 Albany Laramie, WY (307) 399-0482 eMail
Dan Furphy R H14 Albany Laramie, WY (307) 760-0148 eMail
Donald Burkhart, Jr R H15 Carbon Rawlins, WY (307) 321-7074 eMail
Mike Yin D H16 Teton Jackson, WY (307) 201-9897 eMail
JoAnn Dayton-Selman D H17 Sweetwater Rock Springs, WY (307) 389-1296 eMail
Tom Crank R H18 Lincoln, Sweetwater, Uinta Kemmerer, WY (307) 727-6810 eMail
Danny Eyre R H19 Uinta Lyman, WY (307) 782-6376 eMail
Albert Sommers R H20 Sublette Pinedale, WY (307) 360-7060 eMail
Evan Simpson R H21 Lincoln Afton, WY (307) 885-5588 eMail
Jim Roscoe I H22 Teton Wilson, WY (307) 730-5389 eMail
Andy Schwartz D H23 Teton Jackson, WY (307) 413-6464 eMail
Sandy Newsome R H24 Park Cody, WY (307) 272-1676 eMail
Dan Laursen R H25 Park Powell, WY (307) 271-0241 eMail
Jamie Flitner R H26 Big Horn, Park Greybull, WY (307) 765-2148 eMail
Mike Greear R H27 Big Horn, Washakie Worland, WY (307) 388-3399 eMail
John Winter R H28 Big Horn, Hot Springs, Fremont, Park Thermopolis, WY (307) 690-0185 eMail
Mark Kinner R H29 Sheridan Sheridan, WY (307) 674-4777 eMail
Mark Jennings R H30 Sheridan Sheridan, WY (307) 461-0697 eMail
Scott Clem R H31 Campbell Gillette, WY (307) 660-7141 eMail
Tim Hallinan R H32 Campbell Gillette, WY (307) 686-6542 eMail
Andrea Clifford D H33 Fremont Riverton, WY (307) 840-4327 eMail
Tim Salazar R H34 Fremont Dubois, WY (307) 220-1213 eMail
Joe MacGuire R H35 Natrona Casper, WY (307) 333-3653 eMail
Art Washut R H36 Natrona Casper, WY (307) 251-4725 eMail
Steve Harshman R H37 Natrona Casper, WY (307) 262-8075 eMail
Tom Walters R H38 Natrona Casper, WY (307) 265-8935 eMail
Stan Blake D H39 Sweetwater Green River, WY (307) 875-3779 eMail
Richard Tass R H40 Johnson, Sheridan Buffalo, WY (307) 620-2551 eMail
Bill Henderson R H41 Laramie Cheyenne, WY (307) 201-9898 eMail
Jim Blackburn R H42 Laramie Cheyenne, WY (307) 275-2647 eMail
Dan Zwonitzer R H43 Laramie Cheyenne, WY (307) 214-7826 eMail
Sara Burlingame D H44 Laramie   (307) 214-2556 eMail
Charles Pelkey D H45 Albany Laramie, WY (307) 920-0542 eMail
Bill Haley R H46 Albany Centennial, WY (307) 745-0450 eMail
Jerry Paxton R H47 Carbon, Albany, Sweetwater Encampment, WY (307) 327-5373 eMail
Clark Stith R H48 Sweetwater Rock Springs, WY (307) 389-7735 eMail
Garry Piiparinen R H49 Uinta Evanston, WY (307) 677-5222 eMail
David Northrup R H50 Park Powell, WY (307) 272-0617 eMail
Cyrus Western R H51 Sheridan Sheridan, WY (307) 202-9497 eMail
Bill Pownall R H52 Campbell Gillette, WY eMail
Roy Edwards R H53 Campbell Gillette, WY (307) 680-4290 eMail
Lloyd Larsen R H54 Fremont Lander, WY (307) 321-1221 eMail
David Miller R H55 Fremont Riverton, WY (307) 857-5789 eMail
Jerry Obermueller R H56 Natrona Casper, WY (307) 262-7297 eMail
Chuck Gray R H57 Natrona Casper, WY (307) 251-1372 eMail
Pat Sweeney R H58 Natrona Casper, WY (307) 234-6122 eMail
Bunky Loucks R H59 Natrona Casper, WY (307) 259-0195 eMail
John Freeman D H60 Sweetwater Green River, WY (307) 875-7378 eMail
Name Party District County Home Phone eMail Address