2020 Supporters

These legislators and 2020 candidates actively support the work of Wyoming Promise to advocate for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to get big and “dark” money out of politics. Such an amendment would declare that corporations are not people and money is not speech. Wyoming Promise will be supporting a resolution in the 2021 general session of the Wyoming Legislature calling for this amendment.


Candidates for U.S. Senate


R. Mark Armstrong PG ScD

I support getting dark money out of politics and believe Citizen United is bad law. We must know where a candidate obtains funding, and how that funding influences the legislation that they sponsor. Transparency is essential to honest government.

Merav Ben-David

Our commitment to “one person one vote” has been eroded over the years by the increased influence of political lobbies and special interest groups. By infusing money into our political system, these entities have over-sized influence on decision-making at all levels of government from the local to the national. Decisions that often negatively affect working Americans and their families. For that reason I believe we should enact laws that restrict political spending by special interest groups and reverse the Citizen United Supreme Court decision. Wyoming Promise has my unwavering support!

Devon Cade

We need open, and clean government.

Kenneth R. Casner

I support this and will surely tell the Wyoming people, Independent on my own money, nothing more. I felt this is one of the biggest neglects of some very fine people. Who through their work gather the signatures to make it so, only to have it fail, under the Wyoming legislatores who take that money.

James Kirk DeBrine

I promise to advocate for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to get big and “dark” money out of politics. Such an amendment would declare that corporations are not people and money is not speech.

Yana Ludwig

Every issue that Congress takes up is tainted by corporate donations, and trust in our electeds is (rightfully) incredibly low. Corporate money fuels elections and helps people win who are then beholden to those corporations; it is very difficult for a true “people’s candidate” to compete with that, which means we have little real representation in DC. We need to overturn Citizens United, and not stop there, but to look seriously at all of our campaign finance laws. I believe in democracy, and right now I believe we have very little of it in our electoral politics.

Nathan Wendt

Dark money has infiltrated and hijacked our democracy. Almost every issue Congress works on is held up because of money in politics. On critical issue-after-issue we see politicians make decisions based on what is best for their fundraising and reelection efforts, and not what is best for their constituents. This creates a toxic politician-corporation alliance that puts people last.
If elected Senator, I will work to end political fundraising from corporations. I support federally funded elections. This would eliminate the role of corporate money in politics. I also strongly support getting rid of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.


Candidates for U.S. House


Carl Beach

Our democracy should depend upon our people’s participation in it, not the unequal ability of corporations to influence the direction of our elections. We need to overture Citizens United and craft campaign finance laws that provide equal footing for all of those who desire to run for office.

Carol Hafner

I support your efforts!


Candidates for Wyoming Senate


Britney Wallesch (District 6)

Wyoming’s constitution clearly states that corporations shall not have the same rights or powers as people. By granting them this authority, the power of an individual person’s vote has been diminished. One person, one vote is a foundational principle of our American Democracy – one that cannot continue to be undermined by corporate interests.

James Byrd (District 8)

Free speech and political messaging should never be controlled by how much money can be raised/spent either pro or con. Right now the scales are weighted toward the financially well off to control the media and messaging thus defeating the democratic principals this republic was founded upon.

Jackie Grimes (District 10)

I am 100% supportive of a 28th amendment, Wyoming Promise, to not recognize corporations and dark super PACs as people.

Rex Rammell (District 14)


Candidates for Wyoming House


Shelly Duncan (District 5)

I supported the resolution previously and I will support it again! Thank you for your hard work on this important issue. One person One vote is what is written and how it was intended. There is no room for Dark Money nor corporations as people in Wyoming Elections!

Bob Nicholas (District 8)

I signed to original petition and continue to support the cause! Thanks for keeping the drive alive.

Joe Ramirez (District 12)

I’ve been supporting since you began the Wyoming Promise initiative since you started. I was one of the initial petitioners and got over 300 maybe more signatures for the initiative. I would sign on as a state house legislator to support this effort legislatively.

Marc Homer (District 13)

I wholeheartedly support the resolution. Thank you for the important work you and your coalition are doing for the people of Wyoming. The real joy of running for House District 13 is talking to you, the thoughtful, kind people of Laramie. Join me in showing gratitude to Wyoming Promise for spearheading the campaign for a 28th amendment. We need to rid politics of dark money and put elections back into the hands of the people! Ensuring free and fair elections while increasing transparency in government will be among my core responsibilities as your representative.
Let’s take this giant leap forward together, and renew our commitment to Democracy in America.

Trey Sherwood (District 14)

Transparency is key to honest, accessible government that is best poised to serve its residents. Corporations and special interest groups should not influence the direction of our elections or how our representatives vote. I support Wyoming Promise’s efforts to reverse Citizens United and to get “dark money” out of politics so that Wyoming can restore the value of “one person one vote”.

Bill Henderson (District 41)

As you know, I’m a strong supporter of free and fair elections. Dark money is wrong-headed and, although it’s not the only factor, the serious impacts of it must be taken seriously. I co-sponsored the resolution you write about and, if re-elected, I will support similar legislation during the General Session, January, 2021. Let’s continue working hard to get dark money out and ensure free and fair elections for the people of Wyoming and our country.

Jean Garrison (District 45)

I completely support the effort to get dark money out of politics. I thank Wyoming Promise for doing this important work.

Karlee Provenza (District 45)

Corporations are not people and money is not free speech, but the current structure that allows them to operate as such has been detrimental to democracy and the lives of the American people. Dark money allows harmful policies that serve corporations, lobbyists, and politicians to survive legislative processes. This is why I have advocated for overturning the Citizens United ruling as an activist and core member of national and statewide initiatives to end dark money in politics – including Wyoming Promise. I will continue to work with Wyoming Promise to fight to get money out of politics as your state representative so that we can have a more fair and just democracy for all – not just the rich and powerful.

Lawrence Struempf (District 46)

I am in support of getting big money, dark money, corporate lobbyist, etc out of our political and election system.

Kevin Wilson (District 54)

Citizens United stands as one of the most disastrous decisions ever handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States. The floodgates are now open for unparalleled corruption in our politics. We the people deserve to have our voices heard by the people who represent us. I fully support the work of Wyoming Promise to get unaccountable and anonymous money out of our politics and return true political power to the working people of Wyoming. When I am elected, I will represent the people of House District 54, not the corporate interests who seek to divide working people against each other.

Jane Ifland (District 57)

I’m in, and thanks for the opportunity to say so!