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SJ008 Resolution Committee Re-assignment

“The Senate version of our new resolution, SJ008, has today been re-assigned to the Senate Minerals Committee. There is no longer any need to contact members of the Senate Corporations Committee. We have been in touch with members of the Senate Minerals Committee already, and it looks like we have a chance to get this […]

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HJ008 Assigned, SJ008 Introduced and Assigned

“This morning HJ008, which calls on Congress to propose the 28th Amendment, was assigned to the House Corporations, Elections and Local Government Committee. This afternoon, another resolution, coincidentally called SJ008, was introduced in the Senate with Sen. Jeff Wasserburger as prime sponsor and Sen. Chris Rothfuss as co-sponsor. SJ008 is identical to HJ008, so both […]

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HJ008 Introduced in the House!

“Things continue to evolve quickly. After the defeat of SJ0002 in the Senate Minerals committee yesterday, a new resolution has now been introduced in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

SJ0002 failed to pass committee because several Senators who support the 28th Amendment were uncomfortable asking for a limited convention of states to propose that amendment pursuant […]

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SJ002 Did Not Leave Committee

“Our effort had a bit of a setback at the Senate Minerals, Business and Economic Development Committee meeting today, but we remain optimistic that our Plan B can and will still win the day.

Here’s what happened

SJ002 was introduced last week in the Senate and assigned to the Minerals Committee. We were very excited to learn […]

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SJ002 Assigned to Committee

From Ken:

“We have just learned that SJ002, the Free and Fair Elections resolution, has been assigned to Senate Minerals, Business & Economic Development committee, and that the committee has already scheduled it for a hearing at noon on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

The members of that committee are Sen. Jim Anderson (SD 28); Sen. Bo Biteman (SD […]

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The Movement Continues

After gathering over 20,000 valid signatures in support of a citizen’s initiative formally calling for a 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution to overturn Citizens United, Wyoming Promise is urging the Wyoming Legislature to act. Click through to read more.
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Thanks for a Successful Event in Sheridan!

In case you weren’t able to catch our live discussion panel with former Senator Al Simpson at Sheridan College, here is the video in full. As an added convenience this link skips ahead to 12:18 in the video which is when the panel actually starts – we started a little bit later than intended so […]

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Thanks for a Successful Event in Cody

We want to thank everyone who made the recent panel with former Senator Al Simpson, Ken Chestek, Chair of Wyoming Promise, and Rod Morrison (sitting in for Jeff Clements, President of American Promise) a huge success. If you missed the event, it was recorded and live streamed from our Facebook page, and you can find […]

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‘Corporations Are People’ Is Built on an Incredible 19th-Century Lie

We all know that corporations are not people. The story of how they came to be seen as “people” is pretty interesting, however.

Thanks to Adam Winkler for the interesting article. Click Read More, for the link.


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Sheridan Press Article

More great press for our efforts. Our work is completely cross-partisan, as this article makes very clear. Click Read More, for the link.


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