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Appearance on "Legislative Lowdown" Scheduled

Join Wyoming Promise as we appear live on the Better Wyoming “Legislative Lowdown” Facebook livecast at 3 p.m., on Friday, March 1st. The livecast will be streamed from the Better Wyoming and Wyoming Promise Facebook pages. You can view the show from either page.

Click Here to Watch

Wyoming Promise Vice Chair Lynn Horton Morrison and attorney and volunteer John Rivera were two of our main advocates at the Wyoming Legislature during the 2019 session, working to pass Legislation to help get dark money out of politics. They will speak with Better Wyoming Director Nate Martin about navigating the Legislative process, educating lawmakers, and their experience trying to translate the grassroots movement we’ve built into legislative action.

Unfortunately, the Legislature did not adopt Wyoming Promise’s proposed bills this year. But we undoubtedly left our mark on lawmakers, and we are far from finished.

Learn more about Wyoming Promise’s Legislative work and our next steps as we move beyond the session by tuning into the livecast.


We’re advocating for a 28th amendment to the United States Constitution to overturn the 2010 United States Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FEC, and thereby create space for campaign finance reforms at the national and state-levels.


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