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Update and Planning

Thanks to everyone who has already responded to attending the Wyoming Promise Retreat in Casper on Friday, April 19 – Saturday, April 20 to help plan our path forward!

There is still time to let us know if you would like to attend if you have not responded yet, but please do so as soon as possible. We are in the process of finalizing organization details such as hotel accommodations and the schedule, and we will be in touch as soon as possible with information for attendees. We are very pleased to announce that Ben Gubits, Director of Political Strategy for American Promise, plans to attend and be our keynote speaker.

We did our best to schedule the date, and were fully aware of the holiday weekend. Rev. Leslie Kee from the Unitarian Universalist Community of Casper has confirmed that she can lead a nondenominational invocation on Saturday morning, but we also recognize that some who could otherwise attend may not be able to go due to the holiday. We also hope to have a video conference line up and running for those who cannot make it for any reason to jump in from home.

We have identified a number of possible paths forward, but we understand that all of you may have additional great ideas about where we should focus our efforts. That’s what a grass-roots movement is all about: hearing from our volunteers and jointly deciding on our strategy. We want to get together in person to share our experiences, our successes, and our ideas about how to accomplish our shared goal.

We expect to begin the retreat with a reception and keynote speaker on Friday evening so that all of you who have worked so hard on this effort across the state can meet and get to know each other. Then, we plan a full day of discussion, professionally mediated, on Saturday to brainstorm ideas, evaluate them all, and end the day with a concrete plan of action going forward.

We look forward to seeing all of you in Casper in April!

Ken Chestek, Wyoming Promise Chair

Lynn Horton Morrison, Wyoming Promise Vice-Chair

Shelby Shadwell, Wyoming Promise Treasurer


We’re advocating for a 28th amendment to the United States Constitution to overturn the 2010 United States Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FEC, and thereby create space for campaign finance reforms at the national and state-levels.


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